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Pupils to demonstrate speaking and listening skills 

  • Ask questions. 
  • Accept questions. 
  • Ask considered questions. 
  • Responds appropriately to questions. 
  • Say what each member has done/contributed 
  • Talk about main points of a presentation/story. 
  • Group discussion and interaction. 
  • Discuss the task that a group has to do. 
  • Reports the results of an investigation to the class. 
  • Makes sure everyone has a turn. 
  • Answers questions from a peer in class. 
  • Explain to the audience an experience. 
  • Show awareness of appropriateness of presentation.  
  • PLTS 
  • Reflective learning – assess themselves and others. 
  • SMSC 
  • Adjust to arrange of social contexts   by appropriate and sensitive behaviour




Looks at a peer when talking to them. 

Responds to a peer. 

Talk about what they have done. 

Contributes and takes turns in a small group. 



Listens in a small group. 

Listens to peers while they are communicating. 

Can explain how they completed a task. 



Listens appropriately showing interest in a story. 

Listens and responds to questions from peers. 

Looks at the person who is speaking.

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