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Subject: Art and Design Year Group: 7




Colour theory- primary, secondary and the colour wheel.

The power of Pablo Picasso- research and develop understanding of why he used certain colours. Use colours, drawing techniques and papier mache.

Self-portraits and portraits- Drawing, painting and collage.

Mother Nature- Creating Autumn themed designs using textiles and printing.

Sense of Place- Drawing and painting landscapes and research the work of artists such as Turner.

Christmas craft- Create Christmas themed crafts for the festive season.







1. Use coloured paper to create a pattern


2. When naming colours is not phased by the different shades.


3. Builds model with dough or clay.


4. Paints shapes.


5. Creates work in 2D or 3D.


6. Mixes colours.


7. Shows pride in their work.


8. Uses a variety of materials to make models.


9. Uses a range of tools when model making (under supervision)


10. Handles objects with care and respect.


11. Selects materials appropriate to the task.


12. Selects colour with purpose.


13. Correctly uses comparative terms: Big/small top/bottom front/back


14. Names colours inconsistently.


15. Copies simple line pattern.


16. Continues simple line pattern.


17. When describing materials use terms: shiny dull.


18. Looks at different shapes of objects


19. Aware of other artists’ work.


20. Walks around their model to see it from more than 1 point of view.






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