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Subject: Art and Design Year Group: 9





The work of Henri Matisse- research and create ‘Matisse style’ work and make informed choices about their preferences.


Experiment with different materials and techniques- create Christmas themed artwork and be able to develop their skill of evaluation.






SS10 Emerging




1. Develop ideas from a starting point.


2. Draw different types of line.


3. Discuss patterns in the environment.


4. Experiment to create visual effects.


5. Make shapes from pliable material.


6. Simple weaving with warps in place.


7. Use simple computer drawing package.


8. Change a colour in a pattern on the computer.


9. Create simple repeat pattern.


10. Use a variety of materials in a simple way.


11. Uses the space on the paper.


12. Review their own work.


13. Review the work of peers.


14. Respect the work of others.


15. Begin to apply improvement.


16. Suggest ways they can improve their own work.


17. Give simple reason for what they like.


18. Discuss near and far.


19. Name the primary colours.


20. Name the secondary colours.



















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