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Preparation for the next two years of the GCSE Art and Design course. 

This will include: 

  • Independent research study on renowned artists 

  • Create art and design projects from a chosen theme 

  • Practice art techniques  

  • Use various materials such as acrylic paints 

  • Still life drawing using observational skills 

  • Creating an art portfolio  

  • Learning how to confidently evaluate art work




Can make a simple collection of objects related to a topic. 

Use a mirror to create a reflection. 

Use a colour wash 

Look at the work of illustrators. 

Use imagination to create an abstract piece of work. 

Carry on a simple line drawing. 

Use a computer to create a mosaic pattern. 

Use an I-pad to create a simple mosaic pattern. 

Photograph objects from different angles. 

Photograph near and far objects. 

Knows the difference between a photograph and a drawing. (Use of I-pad programmes) 

Can identify differences between their own and others work. 

To recall at the end of their work what they intended to do when they started. 

Look at artists work and say why you like and dislike it. 

Identify what they have achieved from their original aims. 

Identify processes that have worked. 

Knows what needs to be done next. 

Classify objects by colour and shape. 

Know that primary colours make secondary colours. 

Can look after tools and materials. 



Experiment with a view finder. 

Make rubbings of a variety of manmade and natural textures. 

Look at different styles of letterforms. 

Explore the colour tones. 

Identify different types of line. 

Produce different types of line. 

Use monochrome. 

Use different drawing medium to produce different line. 

Use more than one technique within a piece of work. 

Finish work. 

Identify similarities in the work of artists. 

Identify differences in the work of artists. 

Adapt and improve own work. 

Name materials and methods used in their work. 

Identify what they have achieved from their original aims. 

Cleans up materials. 

Simply identify the value of a colour (lighter/darker) 

Identify different ways of joining materials. 

Identify what is happening in a picture. 

Works with a regard for safety. 

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