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Subject:  Art and Design                                                              Year Group: 11




This Spring Term students will be:


  • preparing for the Art and Design GCSE Exam
  • using annotations to show what their intentions are and record their ideas
  • choosing artists that inspire them and create similar art projects
  • recording observations, experiences and ideas
  • developing their art work using lots of different techniques and mediums






Compare the ideas and methods used by others.

Experiment with line and shape using a range of media.

Show some awareness of scale.

Experiment with painting technique.

Consider the purpose and design of familiar object.

Begin to use line and shape to communicate ideas.

Begin to use colour and tone to communicate ideas.

Draw what they see rather than what they know.

With assistance draw their work.

Combine and organise colour, shapes, pattern and texture using mixed media.

Explore the use of line to create pattern.

Use different types of line and tone in their work.

Work collaborately.

Modify work while in progress.

Consider views and suggestions from others about their work.

Know when their work is complete.

Seeks advice.

Is familiar with the work of some famous artists.

Is aware that art styles change over time.

Recognise that many cultures use art in celebrations, rituals and festivals.



Makes several design ideas for a piece of work.

Use information from their sketchbooks and scrapbooks.

Use a viewfinder to select views of interest.

Make a model of a 3D design.

Look at the needs and purpose of decoration.

Use a variety of print making techniques.

Combine different techniques in their own work.

Develop a piece of work from their sketchbook studies.

Experiment with different pattern and texture in designing and making artefacts and images.

Plan and make 3D structure using a range of materials expressively.

Identify the successful elements of their design.

Consider the visual interest of their work.

Compare their experiments plan and draft their final work.

Comment on the difference between their initial vision and the final outcomes.

Select work for class or own portfolio.

Displays a group of artwork.

Recognise the role of artists in society.

Know some of the work of principal artists.

Knows that objects can be functional and decorative.

Name a famous artist.

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