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Subject:  Art and Design                                                              Year Group: 7





This Spring Term students will be:

  • looking at the subject of ‘Identity’
  • creating mood boards of their interests
  • using the outline of their hands to create art work
  • working with chalk, pastels and paints
  • creating Pop-art
  • investigating portraiture
  • introducing the use of mounts to display work
  • exploring positive and negative space
  • creating 3D sculptures
  • making Faberge eggs for Easter

During the first week of the term the students will spend the time still life drawing and increasing their observational drawing skills.



Use coloured paper to create a pattern                                           

When naming colours is not phased by the different shades.                                     

Builds model with dough or clay.                                          

Paints shapes.                                    

Creates work in 2D or 3D.                                          

Mixes colours.                                   

Shows pride of their work.                                        

Uses a variety of materials to make models.                                    

Uses a range of tools when model making (under supervision)                                  

Handles objects with care and respect.                                            

Selects materials appropriate to the task.                                        

Selects colour with purpose.                                     

Correctly uses comparative terms: Big/small top/bottom front/back                         

Names colours inconsistently.                                              

Copies simple line pattern.                                       

Continues simple line pattern.                                              

When describing materials use terms: Shiny Dull.                                       

Looks at different shapes of objects                                     

Aware of other artists work.                                     

Walks around their model to see it from more than 1 point of view.



Gather together materials they require.                                          

Gather together materials they require.                                          

Explore the effect of a light in a dark space.                                     

Creates texture: Splatter Bubble Sponge Dribble                                         

Uses painting to record experience.                                     

Uses skills to create a: card poster                                        

Use different shapes of paper                                               

Makes a model containing several parts.                                         

Completes junk model by painting it.                                   

Stops when work is finished.                                    

Uses materials for junk modelling.                                       

Uses geometric construction material.                                            

Create 3D repeat pattern with objects                                             

Weave using a variety of materials.                                      

Observes differences in pictures.                                          

Talk about what they think of their own work.                                             

Mixes colour and make adjustments to the colour.                                     

Observe the artwork of different cultures.                                       

Talks about a line: curve straight                                          

Use comparative language: long/short thick/thin large/small light/dark                                        


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