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Edexcel Award in Skills for Independence and Work. (Two-year duration.)


During the summer term they are studying:

  • To complete a unit in Art and Design- Exploring 2D.
  • Researching and creating the skill of Batik.
  • Piece of Batik art made into a 2D picture.




Looks at an object and draws or makes marks to represent.

Can point to things that are near or far away.

Use or supervise the use of scissors to cut tape, string etc.

Use or supervise the use of scissors to cut a short straight line.

Illustrates a person.

Draw or make marks to represent: story event

Create a seasonal item e.g.: card, calendar.

Warm clay or plastercine in hands.

Roll or attempt to roll clay or plastercine into a sausage shape.

Roll or attempt to roll clay or plastercine into a ball.

Use tools with clay or plastercine.

Experiment with mixing colours.

Can use natural materials and fabrics creatively.

Can name or point to a preferred picture.

Can identify two different pictures from different cultures.

Can recognise geometric shapes in the environment

Can print a simple repeated pattern.

Can use a repeated pattern to decorate.

Can assist or supervise cleaning up.

Can distinguish the differences between patterns.




Develop ideas from a starting point.

Draw different types of line.

Discuss patterns in the environment.

Experiment to create visual effects.

Make shapes from pliable material.

Simple weaving with warps in place.

Use simple computer drawing package.

Change a colour in a pattern on the computer.

Create simple repeat pattern.

Use a variety of materials in a simple way.

Uses the space on the paper.

Review own work.

Review the work of peers.

Respect the work of others.

Begin to apply improvement.

Suggest ways they can improve their own work.

Give simple reason for what they like.

Discuss near and far.

Name the primary colours.

Name the secondary colours.




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