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Complete GCSE Portfolio/ Sketchbook.


This will include:

  • Still life drawing and observational drawing skills.
  • Increase their awareness of the work of renowned artists
  • Adapt and improve their Art Portfolios
  • Increase their confidence in evaluating works of art
  • Use of a wide range of materials and techniques




Experiment with a view finder.

Make rubbings of a variety of manmade and natural textures.

Look at different styles of letterforms.

Explore the colour tones.

Identify different types of line.

Produce different types of line.

Use monochrome.

Use different drawing medium to produce different line.

Use more than one technique within a piece of work.

Finish work.

Identify similarities in the work of artists.

Identify differences in the work of artists.

Adapt and improve their own work.

Name materials and methods used in their work.

Identify what they have achieved from their original aims.

Cleans up materials.

Simply identify the value of a colour (lighter/darker)

Identify different ways of joining materials.

Identify what is happening in a picture.

Works with a regard for safety.



Compare the ideas and methods used by others.

Experiment with line and shape using a range of media.

Show some awareness of scale.

Experiment with painting technique.

Consider the purpose and design of familiar object.

Begin to use line and shape to communicate ideas.

Begin to use colour and tone to communicate ideas.

Draw what they see rather than what they know.

With assistance draw their work.

Combine and organise colour, shapes, pattern and texture using mixed media.

Explore the use of line to create pattern.

Use different types of line and tone in their work.

Work collaborately.

Modify work while in progress.

Consider views and suggestions from others about their work.

Know when their work is complete.

Seeks advice.

Is familiar with the work of some famous artists.

Is aware that art styles change over time.

Recognise that many cultures use art in celebrations, rituals and festivals.



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