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Subject: Art and Design Year Group: 10




GCSE Art and Design- start to work on Unit 1 of their GCSE on the topic of ‘Journeys’.

Research- research artists’ work that they like and start to create work in the style of the artist.

Evaluate- Make critical judgements about art work and be able to say why they like or don’t like it.

Art language- Use art language in the annotations that they write in their art books.

Experiment- Experiment with art materials and techniques.




SS11 Emerging





1. Can make a simple collection of objects related to a topic.


2. Use a mirror to create a reflection.


3. Use a colour wash


4. Look at the work of illustrators.


5. Use imagination to create an abstract piece of work.


6. Carry on a simple line drawing.


7. Use a computer to create a mosaic pattern.


8. Use an i-pad to create a simple mosaic pattern.


9. Photograph objects from different angles.


10. Photograph near and far objects.


11. Knows the difference between a photograph and a drawing. (Use of i-pad programmes)


12. Can identify differences between their own and others work.


13. To recall at the end of their work what they intended to do when they started.


14. Look at artists work and say why you like and dislike it.


15. Identify what they have achieved from their original aims.


16. Identify processes that have worked.


17. Knows what needs to be done next.


18. Classify objects by colour and shape.


19. Know that primary colours make secondary colours.


20. Can look after tools and materials.


















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